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Borrowing from both the charm and sensuality of iconic sixties duos, Bandit Bandit delivers an elegant, orgasmic and explosive sound: both in terms of their music and their image, the duo carry a retro energy strengthened by a stoner-like power and sharp riffs. From their noted appearances at Le Trianon and MaMa Festival, to their selection at the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges and the Chantier des Francofolies, these two lovers, lifted by an organic bass and beats, have a fever to exist just as strong in real life as they do on stage. A first eponymous EP marked the start of the project back in 2019: so far, Bandit Bandit have already seduced, and left a wild, brutal imprint on French rock. Since their second EP ‘Tachycardie’ which was released in June 2021, Bandit Bandit has just one dream: let rip on a live stage once again.


Ways Around Festival teamed up with the Belgian cinematographic project EmpreinteS to offer to the public a documentary that sums-up the spirit of Ways Around.

“Don’t Go Gentle: a film about IDLES” (Mark Archer, 2020) is a musical documentary showing how friendships and bonds can be created during musical events, and more specifically during IDLES gigs. Since its debut in 2009, Bristol’s favourite post-punk band gathers a massive fan community, the AF Gang. The interviews and live captions express humanity, sincere and beautiful emotions, all echoing the IDLES’ lyrics and messages. Music and culture are vital for creating bonds. That statement has never been as true as nowadays! This documentary is not about star-system, but instead fan-system.

EmpreinteS is a cinematographic project born in 2017. In the same way as IDLES uses music to gather people, EmpreinteS does it through films. The team’s DNA is musical documentaries; however, they also open to different genres, Belgian or international. EmpreinteS carefully selects each film/documentary and screening venue. More important, the team aims to make movies accessible to everyone and more specifically to people that cannot go to theatres for social, medical or any other reason.


Mountain Bike is one of those Belgian bands that, without any warning, appears on the music scene and shakes it relentlessly. Created in 2014, the quartet from Brussels took everyone by surprise with their refreshing and nicely dirty garage rock self-titled debut album. Following that release, Mountain Bike took a ride across Europe with more than 200 concerts. The band played at festivals such as Dour and was notably the proud opening act for none less than Mac DeMarco. After all those adventures, Mountain Bike went on to release a second album, “Too sorry for any sorrow”. Alas, as often with successful rock bands, the quartet decided to split in 2017. But fortunately, after a long break, they are now back in business! And what better than a Belgian landmark such as the Atomium to celebrate the return of this musical gem born and bred in Belgium?


Rage, physical pain and overwhelming emotions are the main ingredients of the nervous and melancholic universe the 4 members of Structures immerse us in. It’s impossible not to feel shaken by their “rough wave” while listening to « Long Life », their first EP released at the end of September 2018. With a commanding voice, powerful lyrics and nervous rhythms, Structures sweat that dark and addictive atmosphere that can be found in bands such as These New Puritans, Total Control, Agent Side Grinder or The Horrors.

After an epic start following the release of their first EP, Structures were a sensation at the last Printemps de Bourges. The guys are now brewing their first album and we can’t wait for the slap in the face to come!

Ways around Festival - Village

Ateliers - Workshops - Stands - restauration

Waysaround proposera des ateliers, des conférences pour vous sensibiliser lesur diverses thématiques et philosophies telles que la mobilité douce, la sauvegarde de la biodiversité, le DIY et proposer des activités familiales mais dans un ambiance rock et alternative.

Tattoo | Get inked!

13h00 – 16h00

Renowned for his amazing tattoo lines, Eddy Soltana, a.k.a. Eddy the Healer, will offer a selection of flash tattoos to the (adult) audience, within Le Brass. In addition to records and musical memories, why not leave the festival with a beautiful tattoo?

WORKSHOP | Design and craft your own rock’n’roll patch

10h00 – 14h00

Too cool for school? Well, prove it by upgrading your leather or denim jacket with your own patch. The patch creation workshop combines recycling material, DIY, and customisation of jackets. The patches will be created using second-hand textiles and will be customised on the spot by François Tusséki, a Brussels-based lettering artist.

WORKSHOP | Join the garden guerrilla!

10h00 – 14h00

Seed bombs are a fun way to fight biodiversity loss. Those “grenades”, made out of clay, soil and seeds, can be tossed in parks or gardens across cities or in the countryside. The bombs will slowly develop and boost local biodiversity.

The workshop aims to raise awareness on how to protect biodiversity and how the public can join the cause of guerrilla gardening.

The workshop will be animated by the Brussels-based artist Louise Devin in collaboration with the project Tiers-Paysage, based in Linkebeek who selected 27 annual, bi-annual, wild and perennial flowers seeds that will compose the bombs.

SOFT MOBILITY | Pro Velo — a Vuelta across Brussels and the three festival sites

10h00 – 14h00

The Ways Around Festival will be held in three historical venues in Brussels, all accessible by bike. Soft mobility is one of the values we want to promote through our festival. We aim to encourage our visitors to choose an alternative way of mobility to cars.

In order to help us achieve this goal, the Pro Velo ASBL teamed up with Ways Around Festival by offering, through its tailor-made cycling route service, a specially designed circuit that will allow the public to enjoy a bike tour across the city to discover the three sites of the festival and perhaps still unknown parts of the Belgian capital. 

RADIO | Live from the festival

10h00 – 14h00

In order to share the atmosphere of the festival, Radio Campus will organise a radio broadcast directly from Le Brass. The radio show will allow people who didn’t manage to buy a ticket, or that are not in Brussels during the festival, to still enjoy the festival atmosphere of the Ways Around Festival and discover several guests.

RECORDS SHOP | Balades Sonores

10h00 – 14h00

Looking for a new gem to add to your record collection? Don’t worry, Balades Sonores is there to save the day. Since its opening back in 2016, the record dealer has become one of the best spots in Brussels for records lovers.
During the festival, the visitors of the Ways Around, crate diggers or not, will have the opportunity to go through the records especially selected by Balades Sonores. All you need is love and a brand new vinyl.


10h00 – 14h00

What would be a festival without any merchandising? During the Ways Around, you’ll have the opportunity to go back home with loads of musical memories in mind but also with nice souvenirs. For the first edition of the festival, we have aimed for the quality rather than the quantity. Our tote bags have been produced by a local provider. For our official t-shirt, we have collaborated with Finita, a Swiss society helping a Peruvian village to sell their cotton and handmade production in Europe with a fair price. By wearing the Ways Around t-shirt, you’ll feel the mightiness of the Andes on your shoulders.

STREET FOOD | Little Apo

10h00 – 14h00

Asian food at its pinnacle. Unmissable pocket-size food spot in Saint-Gilles, Little Apo brings genuine Vietnamese street food directly to you. Bursting with flavours, Little Apo’s dishes are deliciously addictive. MUST TRY: Vietnamese nems (a.k.a. a piece of heaven on earth).
Little Apo is one of the food trucks invited on Saturday 2nd April at Le Brass. Needless to say, hungry Ways Around visitors will be in for a real treat.

FOOD TRUCK | El Camion

10h00 – 14h00

If you are a food truck lover, it’s pretty certain you’ve at least eaten once at El Camion. Like a Batman in his black vehicle, Joël patrols Brussels’ streets in search for hungry people. For sure you won’t be starving on his watch.

Using seasonal, bio and locally sourced products, El Camion offers a wide selection of food. Ways Around visitors can discover El Camion’s menu on Saturday 2nd April at Le Brass.

Ways around Festival - Atelier 210

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Ways around Festival - Infos

Covid Measures

The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will be mandatory.

This will allow us to find optimal conditions to fully experience the concerts and to open the capacity to its maximum.

Your Covid Safe Ticket will be scanned at the entrance (QR Code).

After this check, you can present your ticket to the concerts and enjoy the evening!


Need help accessing Workshop 210? 


Ways around  is committed to offering bio and local products. The XXX will propose a selection of drinks: local beers, wines and softs.

XXX will prepare different meals for all tastes (smaller and bigger, vegetarian or not and it’s gonna be yummy !


With our partner XXX, WAYS AROUND proposes a cashless system with rechargable bracelets to fulfill your needs.

In addition to cash payment, ATM terminals will be available on the site.