When you’re trying to make it through tough times, you need a little light to find your way.
In 2019, Penelope Isles created a first sweet sparkle with a first album, “Until the Tide Creeps In”. Then, that sparkle turned into comforting fire when the second album, “Which way to happy” was released in 2021.

Penelope Isles is one those bands that only require a few seconds before the audience gets mesmerised by their musical dream. If the band is now based in Brighton, Lily and his sibling Jack started Penelope’s journey on Isle of Man, where they come from. They named the band after their mother’s name.

The band’s music blazes brightly eclectic melodies, setting the uncertainties of twentysomething life to alt-rock and psychedelic songs brimming with life, colour and feeling.



At first a humble attic project, later moving to a basement, and currently a bedroom, PEGA began with 6 women meeting on Sundays for a musical “Sunday funday” cleansing session. Then the band members were 5, then 4, and finally 3: Juliette (bass and voice), Bárbara (guitar, voice; also member of TUVALU) and Leslie (drums). Now, PEGA is a type of music that sets your inner wiggle in motion, revealing you soul, or at least trying to (magic is still an unstable science). This is Dino-post-punk that sways with a heavy gait, noise-rock released straight from an apartment ficus. Prestigious rock’n roll guaranteed!



Thrilling and glowing trio from Brussels, Goodbye Fortune Tellers delivers a garage rock driven by lo-fi oversaturated guitars and obsessing pop vocal melodies. With riffs and melodies close to what the Canadian band Metric delivers, Goodbye Fortune Tellers has notably played during the last Brussel’s Museum Night and Court-Circuit’s brand news showcase, “La Vitrine”.

In the wake of glamourous-trash atmospheres, Goodbye Fortune Tellers forsees a tragedy, a story not meant to end well.

The trio’s first single ‘City Lights’, real hymn to Brussel’s nightlife, was unveiled on September 9th, 2022.



Do we really need to introduce Jean Jean ? We guess you know the answer. After their blasting album FROIDEPIERRE, released in 2018, the French trio is now back with a brand new album: Fog Infinite. This new opus hides a little surprise: Franck Hueso, aka Carpenter Brut, has mixed the tracks of the album.

Each track tells a story each member of the band has experienced. “Prey/Trigger” is a catharsis of the nightmare moment when, in San Antonio, a disturbed man ran after the band with a gun. Needless to say Jean Jean put their guts and emotions in this album.



The duo Moïse Turizer delivers an hybrid sonic experience, real shock similar to a party in an industrial plant, wild rhythms and an ice-cold post-punk gig.

From the first beat until the last one, the French duo only aims to create an apocalyptic wave that will transport the audience to cold-wave heights. After releasing a first 6 titles disc, “Bird Yard” in 2019, Moïse Turizer then came back in 2021 with a first EP, “Modern Light”. Since then, the band has been hitting the stages across Europe. In 2022, they released a new EP, “Cc: Dream”.

If you are looking for a band that will make your body shake, you better don’t miss Moïse Turizer!



After their performance at the Court-Circuit 2018 contest, Endless Dive released their first album, « Falltime », in 2019. Despite the confinement, the group, formed in Tournai, continued to work to come back even better. And the least we can say is that Endless Dive have reached a level that makes the audience fly to atmospheric levels. Their post-rock, sometimes warm, sometimes grabbing your guts, will certainly make you walk on clouds while walking back home.

Endless Dive is currently working on their next album and we know in advance that it will be a good one. If you are fans of This Will Destroy You, Defeater, Russian Circle or Touché Amoré, you know who to add to your Spotify list… and more specifically who not to miss at the next Ways Around Festival!



ATHERIS is a power trio composed of Nicolas Scalliet on drums, Théo Zipper on

synths and Brice Clausse on saxophone. The music offered by ATHERIS travels through the world of electronics, rock, and jazz. The trio finds its influences within the alternative London and delivers raw, cosmic, and colorful music.

In 2022, thanks to their first EP, “MACULATA”, ATHERIS is the winner of the competition

Court-Circuit which put the band under the spotlights.

Underground culture being the core of the band, be prepared for an unexpected medley of odd bridges offering a mix of strange but enjoyable tunes.


Ways Around is not only a music festival. We want the event to become a community around which anyone, music lovers, families, hipsters, etc. could gather. We want to create an atmosphere and highlight values we consider important. 


Le Lac is one of those underground gems Brussels has to offer. Independently managed the venue offers a variety of cultural events. From concerts to poetry or exhibitions, Le Lac is a cauldron of culture in which everyone is welcome to add ingredients.

The venue has become one of the main spots for music lovers in search of upcoming bands. It’s no surprise that several artists that played at Le Lac, then played on bigger stages either in Brussels or in Europe.


In 2014, the Smart cooperative signed a 27-year lease for the occupation of a 6000m² former industrial laundry in Molenbeek. The goal is to install within the building a community of artists and creative entrepreneurs and to offer a various cultural program as well as spaces for rent.

The ambitious project takes the name of La Vallée, from the name of the street in which the project is located, and develops rapidly inspired by the dynamics of the Third Places.