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PARTIKUL is a brand-new project born in 2019 in Brussels. Created by Stef (guitar and vocals) and Aly (vocals, synth and drum machine) Partikul revives the Belgian electro scene from the eighties.

Influenced by bands such as Lydia Lunch, Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, The Smiths, Moon Duo and The Soft Moon, PARTIKUL released a first EP (VENUS VIRUS) in October 2019 and then went under an intensive production phase for their very first album… until the Covid-19 struck the world.

However, Stef and Aly took the opportunity to sharpen their tunes, blips and blops, seize the chance of a residency within the walls of Le BRASS, shoot videos, and more, in order to deliver their deliver their first LP: Related Memories. Born during the pandemic, the album is fuelled with an explosive list of dark-pop/wave tunes that will hit you to the core and make every single cell in your body dance.



Personal Trainer is a Dutch rock collective around singer/songwriter Willem Smit. The band is “a manic indie rock orchestra that taps into the wayward spirits of Car Seat Headrest, Silver Jews, The Fall and LCD Soundsystem”. In other words, a perfectly organized chaos.


In May 2019 they released their first 7-inch “The Lazer / Stormchaser Of The Month”, followed by a second one, “Total Wotal / You Better Start Scrubbing”, in September. Following these releases, the band joined Pip Blom on their Europe/UK tour. In May 2020, they dropped their third 7-inch “Edible Plastic / Issue Box / The Industry”.


After their performance at the Absolutely Free Festival last July, Personal Trainer crossed the Channel for a UK tour in November. They are now set to take over the Belgian capital!



ULTRA SUNN is the post-punk/cold wave dose you have been looking for. Formed in 2019 in Brussels by Gaëlle and Sam, the band released a first dark gem called “Night Is Mine”, a real EBM anthem to discover the deepest parts of the Belgian capital. Their debut EP was released in March 2021 and includes a remix by the Berlin DJ Sarin.

But it was with their second EP, “Body Electric”, released in September 2021, that Ultra Sunn really felt eyes staring at them, notably in Germany. Just a few days after its release, “Body Electric”’s sales skyrocketed. 

Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing, luminous and hypnotic hymns about gender equality, social norms, street harassment and the fight against anxiety.

Following several gigs in Belgium, the duo will start their first European tour early 2022; before coming back to Brussels for WAYS AROUND Festival.



On March 13th 2020, ENDZ’s new album, “Harmed” was born. Does that date right a bell to you? Well, it should because it was the first day music venues had to close because of the pandemic. On March 18th 2020, the album was meant to be officially released.

Then followed gigs postponed several times… until October 2021 when ENDZ finally could hit the stage again with its album. However, don’t think the band was just waiting for the pandemic to pass. They band members took advantage of that forced “time off” to pimp the album. So ENDZ came up with “Re-Harmed”, an improved version of the original release, recorded at the Breakglass Studio in Montreal (The Besnard Lakes, Suuns, Land Of Talk, Wolf Parade, Patrick Watson, The Luyas).



Born in Belgium, Le Prince Harry are a direct and incisive duo from Liège (a.k.a Tox’city).

Le Prince Harry’s live performances are a slap in the face that cause (among other side effects), epileptic trances, beer spills and irremediable decerebration as hordes of ear-splitting decibels are unleashed on the mesmerized audience. Their synth punk is loud, chaotic and sweaty.

The band describes their music as a fantastic door leading straight to a Forbidden Zone, where the king, the queen, the dwarf, naked girls, and the Lord Of Darkness, all high on steroids, their eyes bulging and their bodies covered in sweat, turn the 6th dimension into a backroom of seeping walls and saturated atmospheres of poppers’ fumes.

You have been warned!



Violence and melancholy, sweetness and brutality – SIERRA blends various styles and moods to create her own unique brand, inspired by synthwave, EBM and darkwave.

She released her first EP, entitled “STRANGE VALLEY”, in 2017. With their dark and vivid undertone, the six tracks describe a journey beyond an uncanny desert. In May 2019, she released “GONE”, her second EP. That same month, she gave her first live performance at STUNFEST, a European gaming convention who had previously hosted well-known artists such as Perturbator and Carpenter Brut.

In June 2019, she performed at Le Petit Bain during the cyberpunk show Retro Synth Fury, and was then the opening act for the American band MAGIC SWORD in September in Antwerp. She performed in the US for the first time, in New York, in October 2019, during the NightWav party. In February 2020, she was the opening act of Carbon Killer’s European tour across 7 countries. In December 2020, she released her third EP: “ALL ABOUT LOVE”.



Balades Sonores Brussels is an offshoot of the Parisian eponymous record shop that has been active since 2004 in the French capital.

Fast forward to October 2016, when a shop’s intern decided to move to Brussels and fortuitously discovered a cheap yet also quite dilapidated retail space right in front of the concert hall Le Botanique. With almost no budget and some stock from the Parisian store, they slowly but surely gathered loyal clientele.

Until in early 2020, when the building’s owner suddenly ended the lease. Along came the pandemic and the forced closure of all shops for a couple of months, which appeared to be a blessing in disguise. Indeed, Balades Sonores and its 15 000 records went looking for a new spot and quickly found a new home in the Marolles, where they set camp in May of the same year.

Nowadays the shop is run by Mathieu, Victor and Florian.

Ways around Festival - Village

Ways Around is not only a music festival. We want the event to become a community around which anyone, music lovers, families, hipsters, etc. could gather. We want to create an atmosphere and highlight values we consider important.

Tattoo | Get inked!

13h00 – 16h00

Renowned for his amazing tattoo lines, Eddy Soltana, a.k.a. Eddy the Healer, will offer a selection of flash tattoos to the (adult) audience, within Le Brass. In addition to records and musical memories, why not leave the festival with a beautiful tattoo?

WORKSHOP | Design and craft your own rock’n’roll patch

13h00 – 16h00

Too cool for school? Well, prove it by upgrading your leather or denim jacket with your own patch. The patch creation workshop combines recycling material, DIY, and customisation of jackets. The patches will be created using second-hand textiles and will be customised on the spot by François Tusséki, a Brussels-based lettering artist.

WORKSHOP | Join the garden guerrilla!

13h00 – 16h00

Seed bombs are a fun way to fight biodiversity loss. Those “grenades”, made out of clay, soil and seeds, can be tossed in parks or gardens across cities or in the countryside. The bombs will slowly develop and boost local biodiversity.

The workshop aims to raise awareness on how to protect biodiversity and how the public can join the cause of guerrilla gardening.

The workshop will be animated by the Brussels-based artist Louise Devin in collaboration with the project Tiers-Paysage, based in Linkebeek who selected 27 annual, bi-annual, wild and perennial flowers seeds that will compose the bombs.

SOFT MOBILITY | Pro Velo — a Vuelta across Brussels and the three festival sites

The Ways Around Festival will be held in three historical venues in Brussels, all accessible by bike. Soft mobility is one of the values we want to promote through our festival. We aim to encourage our visitors to choose an alternative way of mobility to cars.

In order to help us achieve this goal, the Pro Velo ASBL teamed up with Ways Around Festival by offering, through its tailor-made cycling route service, a specially designed circuit that will allow the public to enjoy a bike tour across the city to discover the three sites of the festival and perhaps still unknown parts of the Belgian capital.

RADIO | Live from the festival

16h30 – 20h00

In order to share the atmosphere of the festival, Radio Campus will organise a radio broadcast directly from Le Brass. The radio show will allow people who didn’t manage to buy a ticket, or that are not in Brussels during the festival, to still enjoy the festival atmosphere of the Ways Around Festival and discover several guests.

RECORDS SHOP | Balades Sonores

13h00 – 16h00

Looking for a new gem to add to your record collection? Don’t worry, Balades Sonores is there to save the day. Since its opening back in 2016, the record dealer has become one of the best spots in Brussels for records lovers.
During the festival, the visitors of the Ways Around, crate diggers or not, will have the opportunity to go through the records especially selected by Balades Sonores. All you need is love and a brand new vinyl.


13h00 – 16h00

What would be a festival without any merchandising? During the Ways Around, you’ll have the opportunity to go back home with loads of musical memories in mind but also with nice souvenirs. For the first edition of the festival, we have aimed for the quality rather than the quantity. Our tote bags have been produced by a local provider. For our official t-shirt, we have collaborated with Finita, a Swiss society helping a Peruvian village to sell their cotton and handmade production in Europe with a fair price. By wearing the Ways Around t-shirt, you’ll feel the mightiness of the Andes on your shoulders.

STREET FOOD | Little Apo

13h00 – 16h00

Asian food at its pinnacle. Unmissable pocket-size food spot in Saint-Gilles, Little Apo brings genuine Vietnamese street food directly to you. Bursting with flavours, Little Apo’s dishes are deliciously addictive. MUST TRY: Vietnamese nems (a.k.a. a piece of heaven on earth).
Little Apo is one of the food trucks invited on Saturday 2nd April at Le Brass. Needless to say, hungry Ways Around visitors will be in for a real treat.

FOOD TRUCK | El Camion

13h00 – 16h00

If you are a food truck lover, it’s pretty certain you’ve at least eaten once at El Camion. Like a Batman in his black vehicle, Joël patrols Brussels’ streets in search for hungry people. For sure you won’t be starving on his watch.

Using seasonal, bio and locally sourced products, El Camion offers a wide selection of food. Ways Around visitors can discover El Camion’s menu on Saturday 2nd April at Le Brass.


Le BRASS is Forest’s Cultural Centre and Maison des Cultures.  

It carries out most of its activities in the heart of the former Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery, which, thanks to the preservation of its machinery, remains a true witness of the industrial heritage of the early 20th Century.

Throughout the year, from morning to night, le BRASS offers concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops, convivial gatherings for citizens, thematic festivals, courses (especially around digital culture), a homework club, and more. At the heart of Brussels’ diversity, le BRASS supports emerging artistic and cultural vitality.

Anchored in its neighbourhood, le BRASS speaks to all inhabitants, by capitalising on local energy as well as intercultural, artistic, community and citizen initiatives from across Forest, and the south of Brussels more widely. It puts great importance on the participation of inhabitants in its cultural action plan. In this way, it is involved in the organisation of Park Poétik and the Forest Sounds festival in the Parc de Forest, as well as participating in the Parcours 1190.

A bar is open there before, during and after events, with a variety of quality local beers on offer.

The cultural centre also presents exhibitions, and other creative happenings at the Abbaye de Forest, a bucolic little space at the heart of Forest, and the commune’s future cultural hub.

Ways around Festival - Infos


Need help accessing Le Brass ?


Cash or card/contactless payment will be available on site. 


The Ways Around Festival will follow the rules applied by the venues hosting the festival and the federal and local COVID measures.