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Ways Around Festival teamed up with the Belgian cinematographic project EmpreinteS to offer to the public a documentary that sums-up the spirit of Ways Around.

“Don’t Go Gentle: a film about IDLES” (Mark Archer, 2020) is a musical documentary showing how friendships and bonds can be created during musical events, and more specifically during IDLES gigs. Since its debut in 2009, Bristol’s favourite post-punk band gathers a massive fan community, the AF Gang. The interviews and live captions express humanity, sincere and beautiful emotions, all echoing the IDLES’ lyrics and messages. Music and culture are vital for creating bonds. That statement has never been as true as nowadays! This documentary is not about star-system, but instead fan-system.

EmpreinteS is a cinematographic project born in 2017. In the same way as IDLES uses music to gather people, EmpreinteS does it through films. The team’s DNA is musical documentaries; however, they also open to different genres, Belgian or international. EmpreinteS carefully selects each film/documentary and screening venue. More important, the team aims to make movies accessible to everyone and more specifically to people that cannot go to theatres for social, medical or any other reason.



Mountain Bike is one of those Belgian bands that, without any warning, appears on the music scene and shakes it relentlessly. Created in 2014, the quartet from Brussels took everyone by surprise with their refreshing and nicely dirty garage rock self-titled debut album. Following that release, Mountain Bike took a ride across Europe with more than 200 concerts. The band played at festivals such as Dour and was notably the proud opening act for none less than Mac DeMarco. After all those adventures, Mountain Bike went on to release a second album, “Too sorry for any sorrow”. Alas, as often with successful rock bands, the quartet decided to split in 2017. But fortunately, after a long break, they are now back in business! And what better than a Belgian landmark such as the Atomium to celebrate the return of this musical gem born and bred in Belgium?



Rage, physical pain and overwhelming emotions are the main ingredients of the nervous and melancholic universe the 4 members of Structures immerse us in. It’s impossible not to feel shaken by their “rough wave” while listening to « Long Life », their first EP released at the end of September 2018. With a commanding voice, powerful lyrics and nervous rhythms, Structures sweat that dark and addictive atmosphere that can be found in bands such as These New Puritans, Total Control, Agent Side Grinder or The Horrors.

After an epic start following the release of their first EP, Structures were a sensation at the last Printemps de Bourges. The guys are now brewing their first album and we can’t wait for the slap in the face to come!

Renovated as a major national event between 2004 and 2006, the Atomium – which was not intended to survive Expo 58 for which it was the flagship construction – is today, with over 600,000 visitors per year, the most popular tourist attraction in the capital of Europe, as well as an art centre and an international symbol of both Brussels and Belgium.

Due to its unique structure, its emblematic character and its resolutely futuristic appearance, the Atomium enjoys international recognition at an institutional, cultural and artistic level.

In addition to its heritage value, the Atomium is also a cultural space. Over half of its space is dedicated to exhibitions with themes around Belgium and the digital arts.

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