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Ways Around Festival

DAY 1 | 01.04


20 €

DAY 2 | 02.04


28 €

DAY 3 | 03.04


25 €



60 €

Ways around Festival - About

Ways Around emerged from the minds of a group of passionate music professionals who felt a visceral need for concerts after a long period of silence from concert venues.

Facing a lack of prospects for 2020-2021, they boldly came up with the idea for a brand new festival in Brussels.

More than just a one-off festival, the goal is to create a community of alternative music lovers around the event, and also to show that during these strange times, new initiatives (no matter how big they are) can be launched to keep both venues and bands active.

The plan was as crazy as it was ambitious. The festival will be held over 3 days in April 2022, at 3 iconic sites across Brussels (one day, one venue); Atelier 210, Le Brass and the Atomium. The line-up remains faithful to the team’s alternative affinities. In total, 12 bands coming from 6 different countries will perform during the festival on its different stages.

The experience does not end there. Over the weekend, a community village with a variety of activities will be freely accessible to all. In short, anyone can enjoy the Ways Around experience with or without concert tickets.


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