Friday, March 23 — BAMP

Crafting indie/post-punk serenades for the whole family, marcel is a carnival ghost who likes to make a lot of noise by tenderly rubbing his cheeks on humans. Like a lame cat with cymbals attached to its tail: unbearable but strangely likeable. marcel’s music owes as much to Jonathan Richman as to Steven Gerrard's powerful strikes; to Sonic Youth's twisted guitars as to TC Matic's europeanism; to the silly cartoons of their adolescence as to Jean-Claude Van Damme's philosophy. Their first album 'charivari', out on the 3rd of March 2023 on Luik Records and mixed by Ben Hampson (DITZ, Blood Red Shoes), invites the audience to meditate on the ways in which we can sabotage the civilised world as well as on the profound mystery of the collective unconscious, all set to a soundtrack of Brazilian whistles, darbuka, kazoo, and other joyful antics.