Sunday, March 23 — Botanique

Nothing can stand in the way of such an outpouring of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Coming from radical musical backgrounds, Lysistrata manage to transcend the usual posthardcore, noise-rock labels with as much spontaneity as skill. The trio’s electric assaults are irresistible to anyone and their nerve-wracking music appears as a sonic blessing, especially live where it reaches an almost miraculous intensity.

A well known experiment undertaken by Benjamin Franklin at great personal risk, was to cause lightning to strike a kite in order to demonstrate its electrical nature. The essence of Lysistrata is found in this attempt to subdue an elemental force. This effort is characterised by candour, ambition, and the eventual mythization of the narrative.

With a brave paradigm shift, Lysistrata revisit genres from before their time: Asymmetry, dissonance, and the loud/quiet writing codified by Sonic Youth and co. Are combined by Ben Amos Cooper (drums, vocals), Theo Guéneau (guitar), and Max Roy (bass) with a sensitivity that is characteristic of their youth. This is expressed right down to the band’s name, which was taken from an Aristophanes comedy rather than a DIY & home improvements catalogue.